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Burning Blue Roses

Dreams of the Nephalem

27 March 1964
I spend as much time looking for good questions as I do looking for answers. I am a veteran of the love wars and may be just a little jaded. Spirit means more to me than the shape of someone's body. Coffee is a lifestyle. Fucking in a thunderstorm is HOT! I have roamed the highways and byways of this amazing country looking for a place to call home. I have settled for Austin Texas. I also plan to spend half of my year in New York advancing career goals. I am a clothing designer and a writer. I am learning daily to accept myself and working, hard, to better myself. This journal deals frankly with my life as a Gay/Bisexual man. I discuss every aspect of my life frankly and at times graphically. This is not my PLATFORM it is my sounding ground. It is a Journal for me to remind myself. Please feel free to add me as a friend. I will do the same. I feel so blessed to be!

"Life is a Banquet and MOST poor suckers are STARVING to death"
-Auntie Mame-